Fun, Creative, active Holiday camps for children 5 to 12 years old.

What are c 4 All Camps?

C 4 All holiday camps are fun, creative and active holiday camps for children aged 4 to 12 years old.

Are they Just tennis camps?

NO! These camps include all sports as well as days devoted to creativity and Girls Only Days.

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Easter Holiday Camp

Monday 8th April to Thursday 14th April

Monday: TTPP. Technical. Tactical. Physical. Psychological.

Tuesday: Multi-Sports

Wednesday: Creativity

Thursday: Girls

4 Different Themes

c4a ttpp.png

Technical, Tactical, Physical, Psychological.

Players will learn to develop all areas of their tennis including:

  • Fun fitness exercises

  • Improving shot technique

  • Strategy & problem solving

  • Competition

c4a creativity.png

It's important for kids to express themselves creatively. Activities will include:

  • Painting with tennis balls

  • Decorating Tennis Balls

  • Creating new rules for our favourite games.

c4a girls.png

Have fun and make friends! Activities will include: 

  • Designing their own t-shirts

  • Glow Sports

  • Talent Shows

  • Team competitions

c4a multisports.png

Tennis players can use other sports to help them improve. Activities will include: 

  • Playing various sports to help with tennis.

  • Competitions & Prizes to be won all Day!


Price Information


£10 per child per half day.
£14 per child per whole day. 

10% Off for NE14 Tennis Members


£13 per child per half day.
£16 per child per whole day. 

10% Off for NE14 Tennis Members


Early drop off and late pick up available. 

Early drop off is from 8.30am.
Late pick up is up to 5pm.
£3 each or £5 for both.

These can be booked as add ons when you sign up your child.


Your Child Will Need...

  • Sports-appropriate kit. Trainers are essential and comfortable clothing for exercise.

  • Large Drinks bottle. Important for hydration and can be refilled during the day.

  • Lunch. Not required if child is only attending morning but perhaps a snack to keep energy levels up.

  • Racket. They don't have one? They can borrow one of ours.


My children found it great fun, it gave me a break and was great value for money. They play tennis in the garden at every opportunity!!
— Lizzy

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