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NE14 Tennis presents....

c 4 All
Holiday Camps

Fun, Creative, active Holiday camps for children 5 to 12 years old.

What are c 4 All Camps?

C 4 All holiday camps are fun, creative and active holiday camps for children aged 4 to 12 years old.

Are they Just tennis camps?

NO! These camps include all sports as well as days devoted to creativity and Girls Only Days.

Find out more below


February Half Term

20th, 21st & 22nd February

wednesday: TTPP: Technical, Tactical, Physical, Psychological.

Thursday: Creativity.

Friday: Multi-Sports.

4 Different Themes

TTPP: Technical, Tactical, Physical, Psychological.

Players will learn to develop all areas of their tennis. Activities will include: 

  • Fun fitness exercises

  • Drills to improve shot technique

  • Strategy developing challenges

  • Competitive tournaments and games


It's important for kids to express themselves creatively. Activities will include:

  • Painting with tennis balls!

  • Creating new rules for our favourite games.


Tennis players can use other sports to help them improve. Activities will include: 

  • Morning: Players rotate through diffident sports (badminton, athletics, basketball, football and more) before a big game of Flag American football.

  • Before Lunch: Using skills learnt in other sports to help improve their tennis.

  • After Lunch: Mini-Olympics.


Lot’s of sports not only tennis have low female participation. Activities will include: 

  • designing their Own T-shirts

  • Glow Sports

  • Talent Shows

  • team competitions


Price Information


£10 per child per half day.
£14 per child per whole day. 

10% Off for NE14 Tennis Members


£13 per child per half day.
£16 per child per whole day. 

10% Off for NE14 Tennis Members


Early drop off and late pick up available. 

Early drop off is from 8.30am.
Late pick up is up to 5pm.
£3 each or £5 for both.

These can be booked as add ons when registering your child.


Your Child Will Need...

  • Sports-appropriate kit. Trainers are essential and comfortable clothing for exercise.

  • Large Drinks bottle. Important for hydration and can be refilled during the day.

  • Lunch. Not required if child is only attending morning but perhaps a snack to keep energy levels up.

  • Racket. They don't have one? They can borrow one of ours.


My children found it great fun, it gave me a break and was great value for money. They play tennis in the garden at every opportunity!!
— Lizzy

Photo Gallery

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Individual Lessons

Individual lessons are a fantastic opportunity to get on court. They are very effective as each lesson is tailored to the player's needs. 

Pricing Details

Child- 30 Mins: £12.50

Child- 60 Mins £25.00

4, 1-Hour Child Lessons: £79.00

Adult- 60 Mins: £30.00

Adult- 90 Mins: £45.00

4, 1-Hour Adult Lessons: £99.00

Group/Family- 60 Mins: £30.00

Group/Family- 90 Mins: £45.00

4, 1-hour Group/Family Lessons: £99.00


Multi Lesson Vouchers

from 79.00
Player's Age:
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Book Online Below:

  1. Use online booking tool for individual bookings only. For Multi Lesson Vouchers, use product blocks above.

  2. Private lessons can only be requested more than 24 hours before the time of booking.

  3. If the venue/coach is unavailable on the booking tool this is because the venue is unavailable or busy and/or your coach is unavailable/ busy.

NE14 Tennis Birthday Parties! 


We offer birthday parties for all ages of children. During a party, your child and their friends will play fun games for all four main shots: Serves, Forehands, backhands & volleys. 

Depending on the age and ability of the children, matches can be played too.

Our parties currently take place at Cleeve Sports Centre.


Package Options & Price Details

Please see our different birthday party packages below. Unlimited Coaching members receive 10% off.  

  • 90 minutes of Activity

  • Up to 12 total Children

  • Helium Tennis Ball balloon for Birthday Boy/Girl

  • 90 minutes of Activity

  • Up to 24 total Children

  • Helium Tennis Ball balloon for Birthday Boy/Girl

  • 25 Invites to send to friends

  • 2 hours of Activity

  • Up to 32 total Children

  • Helium Tennis Ball balloon for Birthday Boy/Girl

  • 35 Invites to send out to friends.



ADD GLOW TENNIS TO ANY OF The PARTY Packages for an additional fee.

GLOW TEnnis uses UV lighting and fluorescent balls, rackets & court lines to give a magical setting for your party.


Things to note:

  • All prices include court/hall hire at Cleeve Sport Centre and coach's FEE.

  • If you wish to serve food afterwards in the gallery or canteen you will need to book this directly with the sports centre.


Please Use the Booking tool below or  contact us to enquire about A Party Reservation.

Montpellier Gardens & Pittville Park are not able to host Birthday Parties.

Tournaments & Events


Annual Schools Tournament 2018 Group Photo: Congrats to Woodmancote School for retaining the trophy.

Halloween Glow Tennis

Halloween Glow Tennis



One of the reasons we practice tennis, is to be able to improve our match play for competitive games and matches. We run tournaments to reward and highlight players who have shown the following:

  • Strong technical ability: Can play all shots comfortably.

  • Correct behaviours and attitudes: Sportsmanship and tennis etiquette are very important.

  • Tactical knowledge: Ability to identify strengths, weaknesses and how to win a point.

Our tournaments are held at Cleeve Sports centre. There is a small entry fee to cover court costs. Parents are advised to stay and watch but it is not compulsory. Following the matches, a small award ceremony will conclude the tournament.


Upcoming Events


Mini Tennis Box Leagues

Mini Tennis Box Leagues are an easy and effective method of measuring your child's progress.

How Does it Work?

Each player that enters is arranged in to a group or "box" of 3-6 players.

Players/Parents are sent details about their/their child's box including contact information for each opponent.

Parents organise the fixtures for their children when they are available to play the matches. All matches must be completed within a round (usually 2-3 months). The winner of each group will receive a certificate and a small prize. If possible, promotion and relegation can happened for the next round as well.

Autumn 2018

8th September to NOVEMBER 22nd

FINALS DAY December 8th & 9th - TBC


We have Box Leagues for Mini Red, Orange and Greens, Teens 13U and 15U.

Entry is £10 per player (10% off for Unlimited Coaching Members) and is open to anyone. 

Please complete the form below to Enter.