Quorn Family Tennis Cup

Dear All,

On Sunday 26th April, from 2.30pm - 4pm we are running a tournament with a fun twist.

Quorn, a new sponsor of the LTA, have created the Quorn Family Tennis Cup. They are encouraging clubs to organise a mini red doubles tournament for family members to participate in. Winners of each tournament will advance to  play against other winners at a pre-Wimbledon grass court event! As well as playing at a professional venue, the winning doubles pair will also get to watch several professionals play! 

Rules of Entry

Child and Adult pairs that fit the following criteria:

  • Child must be born 1st september 2004 or later. 
  • Adult family member (not necessarily Parents. Carers, Guardians, Step-parent, Uncles, Aunts, Siblings or Grandparents are all accepted) must be born 31st august 1996 or earlier.

For all the rules and regulations including signing up, click here.


Tom JacobsenComment