Introducing Reward Points

Introducing Reward Points

We are delighted to announce a NEW Rewards Points System.

How it Works?

Every time you pay via our online booking system you earn points.

£1 spent = 1 point. 

When you have accumulated 100 points you will be able to redeem £5.00 off any online purchase.

It's not only spending money that can help you earn points. 

Referring a friend = 20 points
Booking a lesson online = 10 points
Booking a Private Lesson/Birthday Party Online = 10 points

Also, your points will never expire! This means you can save up for as long as you wish.

How do I Opt In?

When you next log in to your accounts online, you will have a box appear asking you if you would like to opt in. Complete the form and you are now able to collect points.

How to Refer a Friend?

To refer a friend, they must create an account and when prompted complete the 'referred by' box. They should enter your name/your child's name here.

Things to Know

  • 100 Points is the minimum amount you must have earned to use it as a discount.
  • Points are earned when booking through the MINDBODY® app, but not our branded NE14 Tennis app.
  • Points cannot be redeemed through the MINDBODY app or our branded NE14 Tennis app.
  • If you booked a lesson online, and then late cancel, you will lose the points that you gained from the original booking.
  • If a sale generating rewards points is returned, the points earned will also be returned. 
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