New Booking System is Live!

Yes we know... another new booking system. We're as disappointed as you to have to be making a switch so soon after moving in November 2017 but we cannot continue using a system that doesn't not work. 


So why have we switched?

  • Our current system was not reliable enough. There were too many occasions where bookings could not be taken and users could not log in. 
  • Attendance not trackable. It became almost impossible to track attendance through the system.

What does the new system offer?

  • Firstly, It is UK BASED. We are in constant contact with the developers and can report any issue and get feedback within 24 hours. 
  • REWARD POINTS. They're back. Not quite the same as before but the more you book online the more points you receive to spend on lessons, events and camps.
  • More detailed and friendly client accounts. Much easier to navigate and book your children on to lessons.

What do I need to do now?

All unlimited coaching members will have already been imported into the new site and you will have received a link by email to log in. 

  1. Log In /register account. The site will walk you through the process and tell you what information you need to input. Please note if you are planning to sign up to family unlimited coaching membership then please first create your account as the lead and add you family from your profile. The site allows you to use the same email address for multiple members. 
  2. Everything you book is available in the "Book Lessons tab". You can filter the list of classes by typing and using the drop down filter button. We recommend using the Event Type filter.
  3. When you go to book your event the system lets you sign up yourself, another client or a guest. Choosing "Me" will select whoever's account your logged in to (see name at the top right of the page). Choosing "another client" will let you select anyone on the system (enter your child's name here - if it's not appear please connect us as you have not set up your account correctly.) Guest can be used if your child has a relative or a friend visiting and you want to pay for a one off session without filling in a load of information.
  4. All bookings go into your basket and you can pay by clicking your basket and completing the payment process. 
  5. You will receive booking confirmations when you have completed the payment and booking processes. 
  6. You can withdraw your place by going to the book lessons and going to "my events". Here you will see all of your events. Be sure to click the buttons to see events booked for others if you sit to see your family members events.
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Open Day 2018: In Review