Join our Heja Team!

Join our Heja Team!



We are excited about this new app available on iOS and Android devices. It is a social community app for all sports teams. After joining our team, you are able to:

  • Select attendance for your child or yourself as 'going' or 'not going' to our lessons, tournaments and other events. 

  • Receive notifications direct to your phone. 

  • Post questions, articles and photos for the whole community to view and comment on. 

  • Direct message other parents within the app to organise friendly matches, ask if they can pick up your child from lessons and to see if they their child is going to tennis camp?

Is this replacing the MyClubhouse booking system?

No! Although this is a really effective app for  attendance and communicating, it does not store enough detail (medical info etc). It is also not able to process payments.

As long as you have created an account on MyClubhouse you can use the Heja app to mark yourself or your child as ‘going’ or ‘not going’ .

For those who pay as you go: Like normal book them on to the mycluhouse system and complete payment. You can then mark them as present on the Heja App.

For Unlimited Coaching Members: After payment has been made using the myclubhouse system, all you need to do is mark your child as ‘going’ or not going’ on the Heja app. The coaching team will be notified of your selection.

Download instructions

  1. Parent must sign up first and then add children. Children can sign up as well if they have their own device.

  2. Click the buttons above to download on to your apple device or android device.

  3. Open the app and Select Join team.

  4. Enter the Code:  A  O  T  M

  5. Enter your (not your child’s) Date of birth.

  6. You are able to creat an account using Facebook profile, Mobile number, email address. Elect one.

  7. You will receive a code if you choose email or mobile. Enter it in the boxes available.

  8. It will ask you if you are a parent. adult players who do not have children playing with us should  select ‘No I’m Not.’ If you are a parent with a child select ‘Yes, I am.’

  9. A list of children will appear if you see your child’s name click on them or choose ‘my child is not on the list’ to add them

  10. Enter your child’s first and last name.

  11. Click continue and enter your first and last name and a photo if you wish.

    12. You will then be asked to allow notifications. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you select allow as you will miss out on all news and events. You can adjust this by going to your profile which is located on the top right the team page where your photo or initials are. 

    13. To add more children. go to your profile and scroll until it stars parnet connection and a blue icon will read ‘add or connect to another child’.   Tap this. 

    14.  Select your child form the list or tap the + symbol to add your child. 

    15. You’re all set to go! You’ll see there is 3 main tabs. HOME: a list of all the posts that coaches, players and parents have submitted and where you can add posts yourself. Everyone sees these!  SCHEDULE: A list of all our events where you can tap on each to find out more and simply tap going or not going next to each event that applies to you. TEAM: A list of coaches, players and parents. Tap on a coach or parent to message them directly. You can also invite new teams and if you have another club who uses Heja then you can swap between teams too. 


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