November 2017: Gabriel Johnson

Gabriel joined our lessons towards the end of the summer and had played very little tennis. At first he struggled with the coordination required to play and was nervous when hitting the ball. We started to work and improve on Gabriel’s footwork, coordination and shot technique very simply and within a few weeks he was already making real signs of improvement. 

More recently, Gabriel has started to develop his receiving skills, from basic throwing and catching to moving to hit a ball. In a small class of boys, who have been playing considerably longer, he is learning from them as well as from each coach which is a great trait to have. His confidence has also improved as he has improved which is brilliant to see.

Gabriel is a true example that it doesn’t matter if you’ve never picked up a racket before as as long as you’re determined to improve it can happen. We’ll continue to work gradually with Gabriel as he works on improving his footwork and rallying skills.

Congrats Gabriel!