June 2017: Oscar Ralph

Oscar has been learning tennis with us since September 2016 at Bishops Cleeve Primary Academy. He instantly stood out as a polite and very cheerful young boy. He is always keen to answer questions and is very knowledgeable of the sport. Often when Oscar asks or answers a question, I forget i am talking to a 7 year old. He's very mature for his age which is a great attribute to be a top sportsman.

Oscar has made a great improvement in his tennis since he started and this is because of his hard work and enthusiasm to whatever he is tasked with in class. He's ready first, listen's all the time and doesn't waste a second praticing. He has a consistent forehand and backhand. We are looking to improve his serve which will be made easier as he grows and becomes stronger. 

Oscar is always smiling on court which is really pleasing to see someone enjoy there tennis so much. His smiley personality makes every lesson more cheerful and with quality tennis to match, Oscar is a deserving winner of this months award. 

Congrats Oscar! First Boy to win the award this year!