August 2017: Jack Hunn

Jack has been learning tennis with us for over 2 years and has developed in to a very strong and confident tennis player. He is very capable and this is mainly due to his determination to get every ball back over the net. 

Jack started on mini red with his friend Sophie and despite the odd silliness from time to time, they both tried to beat each other which has lead to great improvement. Jack now a mini orange student, is working on all aspects of his game and particularly learning to be more aggressive and fine tuning his technique. Like many mini orange players, Jack at times, plays safe and is comfortable rallying. He needs to force his opponent to make the mistake not wait for it. 

Jack loves his tennis and this is seen in his development. He practices outside of his lessons which enables him to improve quickly and reach his goals much faster. Jack loves a challenge which is a great attribute for any young tennis player. 


Congratulations Jack! Thoroughly deserved.