December 2019: Florence Richardson

Florence has been learning tennis with us for several years now. She first started with her after-school class in year 2 and made the switch to our Cleeve Sports Centre lessons a couple years ago as she had progressed to mini orange. 

This switch was a big jump for her and she found it difficult to progress and this had an effect on her confidence. This can be the case when children move from one stage to the next as the court side gets much larger but the child (particularly in this case!) hasn’t grown as much.

However, in the last few months Florence has shown great perseverance & has seen her improve in all areas of her game.  She is hitting the ball much better and although she still finds it difficult to move around the court she is now able to 2 and 3 shots together. This improvement has boosted her confidence. 

She has a long way to go but her attitude on court and her improvement in the last few months has shown her that she can improve and have success through time and practice.