January 2017: Penelope Summers-Krechting

Penelope started after-school lessons with us in September 2016 at Bishops Cleeve Primary School. She was a little nervous to start with but returned to lessons this January. Penelope, like most children her age (6 years) struggled with the difficulty of tennis at first. However, as the course continued, she persevered and started to see improvements in her throwing, catching and racket control.

This January she is now starting to see this success more often. Her racket exercises are starting to develop and her shot technique is progressing too. Penelope has a great learning style as she listens very well to the coaches and tries her best to improve at any skill presented to her. Penelope has all the abilites to develop into a very good tennis player. 

There could be a formidable Summers-Krecting mixed doubles pair to beat in the future!

Congrats Penelope! Throughly Deserved!