July 2018: Thomas Perkin

Tom has been playing with us for the majority of his primary school years. We have seen him develop from a beginner mini red player to now a strong orange ball player.

Tom is very outgoing and when he was younger, his over enthusiastic behaviour was having a negative effect on his tennis. In the last year, he made the switch from primary school classes to join our external lessons at Cleeve Sports Centre. This has been very beneficial for him and Tom has proven that when he doesn't work hard and remain focused he can play quality tennis. 

This month he has increased his attendance and this has given him a great boost in his development. His attitude is much better and he has developed all areas of his tennis. The biggest change has been his tactical knowledge. He is now thinking of how to beat his opponent and this is a really important attribute. 

Tom is entering his final year at Primary school and has channeled his energy into moving to green ball for the start of September. We are confident that he can reach his goal if he continues to work hard and control his emotions. 

Congrats Tom!