November 2018: William Staunton

William has been learning tennis for nearly 2 years now and has developed in to a great mini orange player. William has improved his rallying tremendously from when he first started and this has helped his confidence and self-belief. Being a lefty he will cause his opponents trouble with his serve which continues to improve ad become more consistent.

William’s attitude in the last month as he has increased along with his efforts and desire to improve. This has been seen the best when playing his two-handed backhand. Like many children, they want to imitate their heroes and William wanted to be a mini Federer using his dominant hand only for his backhand but after chatting to him and his parents about the benefit of using a two hander at his age, he has found that he can strike the ball well using a two-handed backhand. Discipline like this is not common so well done.

He will continue to work on his tactical play so he can start to compete better.

Congrats William.