Davis Cup Fantasy League 2019


Squad Selection

Your squad will consist of 6 players. There is no limit on the maximum number of players from one nation. 


You will have a budget of £60m to spend on your squad.


Points will be scored for various stats which you can see below in the scoring information section. 

You will only be able to make changes once after submitting your team and that is is after the group stage ends. More information is available in the Transfer Window section below. 


Points will be awarded (or subtracted) for each performance statistic attributed to that player during the tournament as follows:

Match Points

+1 per 10% of 1st serve won % (E.g 79% = 7pts)

+5 per straight sets win


Set points

– 10 for a bagel loss (i.e. 6-0)

+ 3 per Tie Break Won

+ 5 for each set won


Game points

+ 1 per ace

– 2 per double fault

+ 3 per break point converted

+ 1 per break point saved

+ 2 per Winner

+ 1 per net point won

- 1 per net point lost

- 1 per Unforced Error

Example from 2018 Davis Cup Final Rubber 1*

Jeremy Chardy                Vs                      Borna Coric

14pts                                   Aces.                         5pts

-10pts                         Double Faults               0pts

6pts                          1st Serve Won %            8pts

0pts                        Break Points Won            12pts

9pts                       Break Point Saved           2pts

16pts                               Winners                     46pts

4pts                          Net Points Won              8pts

-2pts                        Net Points Lost               0pts

-40pts                     Unforced Errors             -34pts

0pts                   Straight Sets Victory           5pts    

0pts                             6-0 Set Loss                  0pts

0pts                                Sets Won                     15pts

0pts                           Tiebreaks Won              0pts

-3pts                     TOTAL Fantasy PTS         67pts

* match was best of 5 sets. In 2019 all matches will be best of 3 sets. 

Transfer Window

In order for players to be eligible for each stage, Participants must submit a team by the following date and times:


  • Group Stage

Before 2pm (GMT) on 18th November 2019

  • Elimination Stage

Opens from 5pm (GMT) on 20th November 2019 & Closes 4pm (GMT) 21st November 2019

Full details are available in the terms & conditions