Tennis coaching for 4 to 16 year olds.

There are 5 stages for children to complete: BLUE, RED, ORANGE, GREEN & YELLOW.


4 to 6 year olds

Young kids are bundles of energy just running around without a care in the world. But the programme is designed to finesse their fine motor skills like balance, agility and coordination. At this stage it’s not about winning or losing but just getting to grips with the basics.


Red: 12m x 6m

Orange: 18m x 6.5m

Green: 23m x 8m

Our lessons are open to all abilities and include skills that are transferable to all sports. 

Each week has it's own theme for example, approaching the net. 

Each lesson is broken into 4 areas: 

  1. Warm Up: Pulse raiser followed by agility, balance, coordination and speed exercises. Finishing with Racket skills.

  2. Challenge: Linked or conditioned to the theme of the week, players will be assessed to highlight areas to improve.

  3. Improve: Players will progress through drills to improve in areas related to the them of the week.

  4. Serve: Players will have approximately 10 minutes in every lesson to practice their serv as its the most important shot. 

  5. Compete: Either small matches or a fun game to finish the lesson. 

We also run Performance sessions for Red, Orange & Green players who have shown great enthusiasm, require a greater challenge and are looking to compete outside of lessons. These are invite only and include video analysis. 

Children receive sticker books to help them track their progress. Effort stickers are given every week for players who do their best on court and skills stickers are awarded for completed aspects of their tennis. 


  • Water Bottle

  • Trainers (avoid Astros if possible)

  • Stickerbook

  • Racket (We have spares if required)


From Monday 8th June, group coaching will resumed at Prestbury Tennis Club.


From 6th July, we are returning to Cleeve Sports Centre. 

Places are extremely limited! First Come, First served. 

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