Please read below for answers to some of most popular questions. If you still have a question please contact us

Q: My child hasn't played tennis before will they be okay to join?

A: Yes! Our lessons are open to all abilities. We do have performance lessons that are for higher ability so best to avoid those to start with. 

Q: Can my child join half way through a term?

A: Yes! As long as there are spaces are available on the lessons you wish to sign your child on to. Each class has a minimum and maximum capacity that can be seen in the event calendar .

Q: My child does not own a racket. Do you have any spares?

A: Yes we will have spares available at both Prestbury & Cleeve.

Q: What happens if the weather is poor?

A: First of all we hate cancelling lessons. It's not fun! Until a millionaire investor wishes to build us an indoor tennis complex we will continue to do our best outside. 

That being said, we do have indoor facilities as a back up in case the weather makes it unsafe to play and during the winter we run indoor classes.

Our club policy on weather takes 3 factors into account when deciding to go outside or not. 

1. Rain, Snow, Hail

2. Temperature

3. Wind

If all 3 are severe, we move the class indoors or the lesson is cancelled if indoor facilities are unavailable. 

More often than not 2 of the three will also result in us being indoors, it all depends on the severity of each one and the age of the class. 

In the event of a cancellation, as long as you have booked online you will receive an email notification. We aim to do this no later than 3 hours but with the changeable British weather sometimes it can be a last minute decision. If in doubt always contact your child's coach. 


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