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Quote of the Month: August 2023

This month's quote is from Indian tennis player, Mahesh Bhupati.

Vince Lombardi Quote

"The mind is everything. What you think you become."
Mahesh Bhupati

Mahesh Bhupathi is a former professional tennis player from India, widely regarded as one of the most successful and iconic doubles players in the history of the sport.

Bhupathi's career in tennis took off in the late 1990s and early 2000s, where he achieved remarkable success in both singles and doubles competitions. However, it was in doubles that he truly made his mark. He became the first Indian to win a Grand Slam title when he won the French Open mixed doubles in 1997 partnering with Japan's Rika Hiraki.

Throughout his career, Mahesh Bhupathi won 12 Grand Slam titles in doubles and mixed doubles events. He formed formidable partnerships with various players, but his most successful and well-known partnership was with fellow Indian tennis player Leander Paes. Together, they were known as the "Indian Express" and captured numerous titles, including three Grand Slam men's doubles titles (Wimbledon 1999, French Open 1999, and US Open 1999) and the ATP World Tour Finals in 1997.

Bhupathi's contributions to Indian tennis have been immense, inspiring a generation of young players to pursue the sport. After retiring from professional tennis, he remained involved in the tennis community and took on roles as a coach, mentor, and entrepreneur. He also founded the Mahesh Bhupathi Tennis Academies to nurture young talents in India.

Beyond tennis, Bhupathi has been actively involved in various philanthropic initiatives and co-founded several ventures in the sports and hospitality sectors.

Overall, Mahesh Bhupathi is a tennis legend and a trailblazer for Indian tennis, leaving behind a lasting legacy in the sport.

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