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Quote of the Month: September 2020

This month’s quote is from Roger Federer.

“I Fear No One But Respect Everyone.”
Roger Federer

Roger Federer is considered not only one of, but the greatest player of all time. His list of accolades is incredible, from winning 20 Grand Slam Titles to having 301 weeks as World number 1 he is one of the greatest sportsman of our generation.

His quote has got him to where he he is today. It doesn't matter who he is playing on court he knows that if he prepares well and believes in his game plan that he can beat any player. However, he understands that every opponent has a chance of beating him and has their own strengths that if he is not at the right level he will be punished. In defeat or victory he remains gracious and sporting with his comments about his opponent.

Let's all channel our inner Roger this September and when we step on court believe in yourself and respect your opponents.

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