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SotM: January 2021

Despite the National lockdown, one-to-one lessons in public places have been able to take place (unless when it snows!) and it has been great to see many of you join me on the Prestbury tarmac.

James has been playing tennis for over a year now and is an incredibly excited young boy. He‘s so enthusiastic and has endless amounts of energy. He just loves hitting the ball!

This month, James has improved his racket skills (now doing tap ups without a bounce), moving to hit a ball & his rallying and court awareness. All of these are well above what is expected of a 6 year old.

James will continue to practice these areas further as he begins to learn the basics to competing. James is also working on using his boundless energy to aid his improvement further as his excitement can get the better of him.

Congrats James!

All award winners receive a FREE Private lesson & an exclusive polo shirt.

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Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith
Jan 31, 2021

Well done James!!

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