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SotM: October 2022

Darby has been learning tennis with us for a year. First starting out with one-to-one lessons before joining our LTA youth Yellow groups at Cleeve Sports Centre. She is tall for her age and hits the ball harder than most too. She struggled with controlling her power and lacked topspin to keep the ball in. She has been working on her movement and developing consistency with her groundstrokes. Darby has a chatty personality and doesn't take things too seriously when she is on the court but is equally competitive. This all helps her improve each lesson. Later this month, Darby will be competing in her first tournament outside of the club. This will be a great chance for her to measure her progress and put into practice what she has been working on in her lessons.

Congrats Darby!

All winners of the Student of the Month award receive a Private lesson and an exclusive polo shirt.

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1 Comment

Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith
Nov 14, 2022

Well done and good luck in the tournament, and enjoy it!

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