NE14 Tennis presents Yellow Summer Tournament 2020


We are inviting players 10-15 years old to enter our Summer Tournament. 

Summary: 16 players will compete across 3 weekends. Entry is £22 per player and each player is guaranteed to play 4 matches over two weekends. Matches will be held at Prestbury Tennis Club and be umpired by coaching team. Full details are below.

Event info:
  • 16 spaces available. First come, first served. No seeding.

  • £22 entry fee. No refunds for withdrawals. 

  • The players will be randomly drawn into 4 groups. The draw will be streamed live on NE14 Tennis' Instagram.

  • The first weekend will have 4 sessions for all of the group fixtures.

  • When registering players can select their preferred session for the first weekend but must be available for all dates on weekend 2 and 3.

  • Each session will allow time for players to have a 15 minute warm up before the first match. 

  • Winner and runner-up of each group qualify for CHAMPIONSHIP Stage.

  • Third and Fourth place of each group qualify for TROPHY Stage.

  • Both CHAMPIONSHIP & TROPHY stages will have quarterfinals, semifinals and final. 

  • All Quarterfinals to be played on weekend 2.

  • All Semi-finals and Final to be played on weekend 3.

  • Finals will be live streamed on NE14 Tennis Facebook page. 

  • Trophy Presentation will follow finals.

Match Rules & Format
  • Matches will be in the Fast4 format. One set to 4 games - Sudden death deuce. Tie break to 7 at 3-3 with 2 clear pts. 

  • Matches will be umpired by coach/assistant. Umpire's decisions are final. 

  • A coin toss will decide serving and ends. 

  • Depending on guidelines at the time shaking hands will not take place. 

  • When changing ends players will allow each other to pass while keeping to social distancing guidelines. 

  • Hand sanitiser will be made available to all players. 

  • In the likelihood that a session will be partly or fully rained off, there are scheduled sessions for catch up fixtures. 

  • If required the final session will be rearranged according to the schedule of all finalists. 

  • If a player is unable to continue they will forfeit the match they are playing or are due to play and their scheduled opponent will progress to the next round. 

  • Players are expected to respect each other, all spectators, the organisers and the officials. 

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in disqualification. 



Weekend 1

Friday Evening: Group fixtures

Saturday Afternoon Group Fixtures

Sunday Afternoon Group Fixtures

Sunday Evening Group Fixtures


Weekend 2

Friday Evening: Free session in case of rain during weekend 1

Saturday Afternoon CHAMPIONSHIP Quarterfinals 1, 2, 3 & 4

Sunday Afternoon TROPHY Quarterfinals 1, 2, 3 & 4


Weekend 3

Friday evening: Free session in case of rain during weekend 2

Saturday Afternoon: TROPHY Semifinals 1 & 2

Saturday Evening: CHAMPIONSHIP Semifinals 1 & 2

Sunday Afternoon: Finals (Trophy first, Championship second)

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