Can I/my child start lessons after a course has started?

Yes! As long as there is space on a lesson it is always open to new players.

I have a child who is 2 years old, Can they have lessons?


As they are young we recommend 30min 1-1 lessons as their attention span may be short. As the child nears closer to 3 years old we would recommend our tots classes.

Every player is different and learns and improves at a different speed. Please contact us if you require more information.

If my child misses a paid lesson what happens?

If your child or yourself has missed a paid lesson the outcome depends on the following.

  • If you cancel the lesson on their system (usually up to 1 hour before start time) this is "banked" and kept for future use. Please note that 5 or 10 lesson payments do have an expiry from first visit of 49 days and 105 days respectively.
  • If you don't cancel the booking or cancel after the 'early cancel' time frame, this lesson is lost. If you have any difficulty cancelling a lesson please contact the coach to let them know and in some circumstances lessons may be "banked" for future use. You will receive a no show email when you or your child has not attended a lesson they were registered for. 

How do I book lessons formy child?

To book please visit our guide to our booking system. How-to videos are coming soon.

In the meantime please see our Joining NE14 Tennis page.


I have booked my child on to your lesson(s) but when I check their schedule in my account it appears with nothing. Have I booked the lesson or not? 

In your profile you will be able to change which account you want to see by going to family members and using the dropdown bar to choose a child.

All of the confirmed bookings will be emailed to you automatically.

I'm not very tech-savvy, Can I book and pay with cash or over the phone?

Yes. We accept cash as a form of payment. We can also take card payments over the phone or in person. Please see our office opening hours for the best time to call.

For most lessons you will be able to 'pay later'. This means that you/your child will be scheduled on the selected lessons and you will be able to pay cash or card when arriving at the lesson.

Please note that if you/your child's account has 5 or more unpaid visits, you will be unable to schedule any more lessons until the balance is paid off.

I've received an email stating I didn't attend a lesson when I did. What should I do?

Send us an email or message on Facebook. This will be most likely an error by the coach! (They are only human after all!)

I/my child does not own a racket, do you have any to hire?

Yes. please inform your coach to ensure they can bring one along.