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  • My child hasn't played tennis before will they be okay to join?
    Yes! Our LTA Youth lessons are open to all abilities.
  • Can my child join half way through a term?
    Yes! As long as there are spaces are available on the lessons you wish to sign your child on to. Each class has a minimum and maximum capacity that can be seen in the event calendar .
  • My child does not own a racket. Do you have any spares?
    Yes we will have spares available at both Prestbury & Cleeve.
  • What happens if the weather is poor?
    First of all we hate cancelling lessons. That being said, we do use indoor facilities as a back up in case the weather makes it unsafe to play and during the winter we run indoor classes. Our club policy on weather takes 3 factors into account when deciding to go outside or not. 1. Precipitation (Rain, Snow, Hail) 2. Temperature 3. Wind ​ More often than not if 2 of the three conditions are occuring (e.g. wet and very cold) we will attempt to use indoors but if not available we will have to cancel the lesson. The safety of the players and coach and how effective the lesson is considered before cancelling any lesson. ​ In the event of a cancellation, as long as you have booked online you will receive an email notification. We aim to do this no later than 3 hours but with the changeable British weather sometimes it can be a last minute decision. If in doubt always contact your child's coach.
  • My log in is not working?
    Please note if you have signed up using the WiX app you will need to use this log in password and username on our website as well. Please use the reset password button if you have any troubles or contact us.
  • Do you offer multi-child discounts?
    We offer unlimited coaching memberships which are availble for siblings or an entire family which includes group lessons for up to 2 adults and 4 children from the same family.
  • Which class should my child join?
    Our group coaching lessons are based on the LTA's Youth programme. There are 5 stages that are based on ages but we do take into account ability as well. For instance a child who is 6 years old could join either the Blue or Red group for their age but we'd recommend they join the blue if they were a beginner. If he/she had previous tennis coaching, he/she would be better suited to the red group. Each child is different so please get in touch for us to help you. ​
  • How do I cancel a lesson I have booked?
    You can view, cancel and reschedule your lessons by visiting your profile. Log in and click the dropdown and click profile. From here you can click on My bookings and this will list your bookings. You can view past bookings and upcoming bookings. Click on the Cancel or Reschedule links to amend your booking. Please note the cancellation poilcy when booking lessons.
  • The lesson I wish to book states it is closed for booking. Can I still attend?
    There is a 12-hour booking policy to help the coaches plan their lessons. If you wish to attend a lesson within this time frame our coaches can add you but please be aware there is a £1.50 administrative fee. You will be sent an invoice to pay by card to your email address.
  • How do I pay monthly for unlimited lessons?
    Memberships are only available at the start of the season. After subscribing, the following payments are completed automatically via an auto payment on the card you used for the initial payment. You can update your card by logging in and going to your account. You can add a new card and remove the old one from the My wallet page.
  • Do I need to book lessons after subscribing?
    Yes Please! You will notice that when booking a lesson you will be able to use a plan as payment. If you have any difficulties please contact us and we can assist you. Please avoid turning up to lessons without prior booking as all lessons have a capacity to ensure effective coaching is had by all.
  • Can I change the payment card?
    Yes, log in and go to your profile. There you should see the "My Wallet" tab, add your new card and delete and cards that you need to.
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