My log in is not working?

We have moved from Myclubhouse so you may need to create an account to log in. 

You can try using the rest password but if your email is not recognised please create an account. 

You do not need to register each of your children for an account at this time. Their details can be added when a booking is made. 

Do you offer multi-child discounts?

We are not currently offering any discounts for 2 or more siblings attending the same lesson. This is primarily due to us being restricted to 5 spaces per class. As soon as we can open up our lessons to more players we will reintroduce our unlimited memberships with pricing options for families and couples. 

Can I book my child on to different group lessons?

At this time, please only book lessons for the same time and day each week. With only 5 spaces available in each lesson, we feel it is only fair that we keep lessons for those who are able to make the whole course. You can book more than one lesson at a time as long as you book the whole course.


We understand that it is the Summer and many of you will be going away so may not be able to make one or two lessons of a course. With this in mind, once a course has started if there is space we will let you know if you can attend an additional lesson. Please contact us if you would like us to do this. 

I noticed all the spaces have been taken for the class I would like to join, Can I still come?

Please only attend the lesson if your space has been confirmed. Current guidelines regarding social distancing mean we can ONLY OFFER 5 spaces per lesson.  Contact us so we can inform you of other lessons you may be able to join or when we release another lesson. 

How do I pay monthly for unlimited lessons?

We are not currently offering our unlimited coaching membership as we are not able to offer a large enough programme. We're restricted to 5 spaces per lesson with social distancing guidelines so cannot guarantee everyone a space. We will reintroduce the membership as soon as we can. We are also looking to improve them including increasing the discounts for holiday camps and birthday parties. 

Which class should my child join?

Our group coaching lessons are based on the LTA's Youth programme. There are 5 stages that are based on ages but we do take into account ability as well. For instance a child who is 6 years old could join either the Blue or Red group for their age but we'd recommend they join the blue if they were a beginner. If he/she had previous tennis coaching,  he/she would be better suited to the red group. Each child is different so please get in touch for us to help you. 

I've bought a Lesson Plan, how do I reserve a lesson?

Please go to the booking page. From there, you can filter the search to reduce the number of sessions. 

Select sign up and you will be shown a calendar. Scroll through the dates and select a time. You will notice that the payment box shows your plan as the payment option. Complete the sign up process and your booking will be confirmed with one of the lessons credited. Repeat this step to use your bookings again. Please note all plans expire at a certain date depending on the plan. Any unused lessons will be lost when the plan expires. 

How do I cancel a lesson I have booked?

You can view, cancel and reschedule your lessons by visiting your profile. Log in and click the dropdown and click profile. From here you can click on My bookings and this will list your bookings. You can view past bookings and upcoming bookings. Click on the Cancel or Reschedule links to amend your booking. 

Are there any holiday camps running this Summer?

We are not planning on running any camps this Summer. Instead we are going to offer group coaching lessons and 

matchplay sessions. 

How do reward points work?

We have recently changed how reward points work.

Reward points are awarded when you:

  • Attend a lesson, course or camp. 

  • Purchase a pricing plan, membership, or product from our shop.

  • Refer A friend

Points are awarded at the end of each month (starting June 2020). 

  • 1 point for every lesson or camp attended. 

  • 1 point for every £10 pound spent on any product, pricing plan or membership. 

For example if you spend £79 on our 4 Private Lesson plan for children, you will receive 7 points. 

  • 1 point for every £10 spent (on their first purchase) by a person you have referred.  

Reward points can be redeemed on:

  • Private Bookings: One-to-one lessons or Birthday Parties.

  • Shop Purchases: Clothing or Equipment products. 

Private Bookings

  • To redeem a Private Lesson (one hour) you will require a balance of 25 points. 

  • To redeem a Birthday party (either package) you will require a balance of 50 points. 

Shop Discounts

  • A balance of 20 points will enable you to redeem a 20% off voucher for our Shop.

  • A balance of 50 points will enable you to redeem a 50% off voucher for our Shop. 

Points do not expire, however you can only redeem one voucher per month and one private booking per month. 

Join our reward points scheme here.



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