Individual Lessons

Individual lessons are a fantastic opportunity to get on court. They are very effective as each lesson is tailored to the player's needs. 

Pricing Details

Child- 30 Mins: £12.50

Child- 60 Mins £25.00

4, 1-Hour Child Lessons: £79.00

Adult- 60 Mins: £30.00

Adult- 90 Mins: £45.00

4, 1-Hour Adult Lessons: £99.00

Group/Family- 60 Mins: £30.00

Group/Family- 90 Mins: £45.00

4, 1-hour Group/Family Lessons: £99.00


Multi Lesson Vouchers

from 79.00
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  1. Use online booking tool for individual bookings only. For Multi Lesson Vouchers, use product blocks above.

  2. Private lessons can only be requested more than 24 hours before the time of booking.

  3. If the venue/coach is unavailable on the booking tool this is because the venue is unavailable or busy and/or your coach is unavailable/ busy.