Individual Lessons

Individual lessons are a fantastic opportunity to get on court. They are very effective as each lesson is tailored to the player's needs. 

Pricing Details

Adult £25.00 per hour

Child £20.00 per hour


5, 1-Hour Adult Lesson: £100.00

5, 1-Hour Child Lessons: £80.00

from 80.00
Player's Age:
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Paired/Group Lessons

Similar to individual lessons, paired or group lessons are an effective method of improving your tennis. Paired lessons offer the added benefit of the coach being able to be closer to the action, instead of feeding balls or rallying from the other end of the court. Group lessons can have an unlimited capacity although we recommend a maximum of 4 players. This enables more effective coaching. Group lessons are obviously more social and are great for children, whether they are siblings or player's of similar ability. Families can also participate in private lessons too.

£25.00 per hour Total Price - divide this amount by the number of players. E.g. paired lesson = £12.50p/hour per player. 


Private lessons can only be requested more than 24 hours before the time of booking. Contact Us to make an enquiry.