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August 2020: Seb Vera

Seb has been playing with us for a couple of years now and has developed in to a very talented tennis player. When he joined he had the basis of a great game. Good technique, great movement and an excellent reading of the game.

Just before lockdown Seb was due to move from Green to Yellow tennis and for a lot of ten year olds this can be a challenge. The fully compressed balls travel a lot faster and bounce a lot higher. Sebs movement has made this transition a lot easier for him but he has struggled with his serve and becoming a little safe with his matchplay. He's very consistent but since lockdown he has improved his attacking play.

Sebs confidence has grown and he is more engaged in the group lessons and is bonding well with his classmates. Seb will continue to work on his tactical play and his serve throughout the Autumn and Winter months.

Congrats Seb!

Like all Students of the Month, Seb will receive A FREE one-to-one lesson and an EXCLUSIVE Student of the Month Polo Shirt.

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Great work, Seb. Well done!


Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith

Well done Seb, thoroughly deserved!

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