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December 2019: Goksu Erdogan

Goksu has been a lovely student to teach since she started at our after-school course at Grangefield Primary School. Goksu and her family joined our Family Membership in the Summer of 2019 and the additional lessons has enabled Goksu to improve greatly. Goksu is also a regular at our holiday camp and is well liked by all the children.

Goksu has been working on the transition from Red to Orange ball this past term and has improved her rallying and serving technique a lot in the last month. Bright, switched on, strategic are all words that would describe Goksu. She's competitive and a great listener which enables her to improve in every lesson.

Goksu still has some way to go before she can make the progresses to green ball tennis but has time on her side. We have no doubt, if she continues to progress and practice as much as she has done this year, it won't be long before she will be playing on the full size court.

Congrats Goksu!

Like all our Student's of the Month - Goksu will receive an exclusive POLO SHIRT and FREE INDIVIDUAL LESSON.

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