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July 2020: Lucy Davison

Lucy has been playing with her brother Harry for almost a year now and has made impressive strides with her tennis. Attending group lessons regularly has helped Lucy maintain her consistency and after lockdown she has been sharing a private lesson with her brother which has helped her improve even further.

Lucy is a quick learner and is able to hit all four shots with good technique. Lucy is nearing the end of red ball tennis and will spend the rest of the Summer working on her rallying and serving in order to be ready for the challenges that orange ball tennis will bring.

Congrats Lucy!

Like all Students of the Month, Lucy will receive A FREE one-to-one lesson and an EXCLUSIVE Student of the Month Polo Shirt.

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2 comentarios

Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith
28 jul 2020

Congrats to you Lucy!

Me gusta

Thanks Tom! This has made Lucy’s day!😊

Me gusta
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