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June 2020: Katie Mapuranga

Choosing these awards are not getting any easier! So many of our players this month could have won the award but it has to go to someone and that person is Katie!

Katie started tennis at the beginning of the year having one-to-one lessons in what always seemed to be the most wintery days. High winds and cold temperatures made it tough for Katie as she battled to improve her reading skills. Then came lockdown that stopped her getting on the court whatsoever.

However, she has come back to lessons and has retuned in style! She has made signinfact steps in her tennis in the last month and her receiving skills are much improved. She is rallying for a lot longer because of this.

Katie joined the green group lessons in June and fit really well into the class with 2 other girls. As effective as one-to-one coaching is, children in particular benefit from playing with other children their own age and size. Katie has worked on her Serving and volleying recently and is beginning to develop her tactical skills in order to start competing.

Congrats Katie!

Like all Students of the Month, Katie will receive A FREE one-to-one lesson and an EXCLUSIVE Student of the Month Polo Shirt.

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Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith
02. Juli 2020

Congratulations Katie!

Gefällt mir
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