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Lockdown 3.0 - All you need to know

2021 has not been the start we all hoped. First tier 4 status, followed by myself having to self-isolate and now a national lockdown. However, we remain upbeat and confident knowing that 2020 still provided us with many memories. Watch 2020 highlights video.

Please read all the information below carefully.


All group lessons up to February 15th have been cancelled. To avoid spamming your inboxes with too many emails we will not be sending any specific lesson cancellation notices.

The League which was due to start on 16th January has now been delayed to start on 27th February. Sign Up here.

Private One-to-one Coaching

The good news. We can still coach! The bad news, all tennis courts have had to close.

As Sport England have confirmed, One-to-one coaching can take place in outdoor public places such as a park. Therefore, like in November's lockdown, I am going to run private lessons on the tarmac area next to the Prestbury Courts on a Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon.

Zoom Group Sessions

Using a small indoor space and zoom we are going to run a 30 minute session for all stages of LTA Youth on Fridays at 5pm from 15th January. It's like "PE with Joe" but better! 🤣 It will definitely be more tennis specific.

These sessions will be FREE for active unlimited coaching members.

Zoom Quizzes

Following the fitness session, I will be hosting an online quiz. This time the whole family can get involved. There will be 4 topics with each topic worth a total of 10 points. The family with the highest overall score will win a prize each week. There is no cost for these sessions. The first quiz is on 15th January at 6pm.

For now the schedule from 15th February onwards will maintained. If need to make any changes to these lessons we will update you when we know more.


Those with an active unlimited membership have the following choices.

  1. Continue Membership: If you choose to continue your membership you will have the option of redeeming a private lesson or brand new personalised NE14 Tennis hoodie in your choice of colour. The private lessons be added to your account and will expire on 31st March 2020 so can be used when we return to the courts. - Single memberships will receive 1 lesson or 1 hoodie per month. - Couple memberships will receive 2 lessons or 2 hoodies per month. - Family memberships will receive 3 lessons (inc the 1 paid for) or 3 hoodies per month.

  2. Temporarily Suspend Membership: As fun and exciting our zoom sessions/ private lessons are, we understand the situation. Payment will not be taken and we can reactivate it whenever you would like to return.

  3. Cancel Membership: Like always, If you'd prefer we can completely cancel your membership. You would have to pay as you go for any zoom sessions or private coaching.

All members will be contacted in the coming days for your choice.

Pay as you Go Payments up to Feb 15th

We will be contacting those of you who have paid for each lesson individually up to February 15th 2021. You will have the choice of a refund or adding them to your account to be booked later.

Tennis at Home kits

Tennis at home kits available for players to keep up their tennis at home. Each pack includes:

  • 1 Skipping rope: Choose from 7ft junior or 9ft adult size

  • 1 Hurdle

  • 8 Cones (4 red & 4 blue)

  • 2 Balls (Choose from red, orange, green & yellow)

  • 1 Racket Overgrip (randomly selected colour)

  • A4 file with basic games and drills for each age group.


Stay safe, keep active and we will see you all on court soon!

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