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March 2020: Skye Keenan

Skye has been learning tennis with us for nearly two years now. Starting at her after-school lessons, she instantly stood out with her high level of coordination and determination to improve. Skye progressed really quickly and stood out in her class so was soon invited to attend our lessons at Cleeve Sports Centre and has been coming to lessons twice a week ever since.

Skye has been developing her rallying skills as she was finding it tough to control her power and accuracy. This has improved greatly and she is able to rally for much longer. Her serve has also become a strength of her game - helped by the fact that she is a lefty!

Skye will continue to work on all parts of her game as soon as we're back on court and she makes the transition from Red to Orange ball.

Congrats Skye!

Like all our Student's of the Month - Skye will receive an exclusive POLO SHIRT and FREE INDIVIDUAL LESSON.

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