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❝Quote of the Month: December 2019❞

It wouldn't be December without a Christmas inspired quote. Taken from the classic 'It's A Wonderful Life' this month's quote is:

"Remember, George no man is a failure who has friends"


Without spoiling the film, (but like come on, who hasn't seen this!?) the quote is seen written down in a book gifted to the main character George Bailey at the end of the film. The quote remind us no matter what happens in our life that friends and family are the most important and we should celebrate those we love so much. It also reminds us to be welcoming, friendly and kind to those around us.

The club has had a fantastic 2019 and we are grateful to have such loyal and hardworking players who are so enthusiastic to learn tennis. We also appreciate all of the parents who help encourage their children to start, continue and improve their tennis.

We have learned so much from this year and we are excited to show what we have planned for 2020.

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