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Quote of the Month: February 2022

This month's quote is from former British number one, Johanna Konta.

"When I play at my best is when I play with the least amount of inhibition, I think less." Johanna Konta

Johanna recently retired from tennis and this quote was our favourite of hers. When you think about what you're doing with your body and racket, tennis becomes a lot more difficult. Yes you need to game plan but as soon as that first ball is hit, you want to get into a rhythm where you are not having to think about anything other than where you're hitting the ball.

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2 commentaires

Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith
02 févr. 2022

Sry Tom and fans, but still believe she is a bottler.

Michael Grover
Michael Grover
06 févr. 2022
En réponse à

Not that I'm agreeing but would make Jo Konta's achievements look even more impressive and show how hard work and determination can pay off.

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