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❝Quote of the Month: January 2019❞

January doesn't only bring us a new year but a new decade so we needed a quote that could inspire us to achieve greatness that would last. Where better to go to than the recently awarded Female Athlete of the decade, Serena Williams.

She dominated the sport before her pregnancy and then came back as a mother to reach 4 Grand Slam finals. She still has her eye on Margaret Court's all-time record of 24 Grand Slam titles but as the quote below reads she is more concerned with the present.

"History will wait work won't."

Serena Williams

The quote emphasises the importance of not becoming obsessed with the outcome or a goal but the rather focusing on the process that will get you there. Serena has had several setbacks in her career but has always comes out of them stronger.

Enjoy the process of working for something. For example if that backhand keeps losing you the point instead of focusing on the error (long or hitting the net) focus on the process of what went wrong. Was it a technical mistake (racket back early) or was it a physical mistake (body position). Perhaps a mental error, did you have the correct intention. Doing this will greatly help your tennis instead of constantly beating yourself up for missing the shot.

We look forward to seeing you all refreshed and ready to go in 2020!

Happy New Year from us all at NE14 Tennis

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