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Quote of the Month: July

This month’s quote comes from high school basketball coach Tim Notke. He spoke these words of wisdom in a speech to motivate his players. It has been repeated many times by NBA players and other sports stars.

“Hardwork beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”
Tim Notke

Tennis is a battle between the two or four competitors. We always stress the importance to all our players that the harder you work the better you can become and it doesn’t matter how successful your opponent has been if you do everything you can to get the ball back you give yourself the chance to win the point.

This starts with preparation - how ready are you for your lesson or match? When the warm up starts are you focusing your mind on how you will play and compete?

We are looking forward to welcoming more of you on to court with our group lesson Programme extended for July. Use this quote when you’re on court to push yourself to improve.

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