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Quote of the Month: June 2020

This month's quote is from Rafael Nadal, 19 time grand slam winner - including 12 at the French Open.

"I always work with a goal - and the goal is to improve as a player and a person."

Rafa Nadal

The spaniard has cemented his place in tennis history with his success over the last 15 years. His fighting spirit and determination is one of his keys to his success. His dominance of the French Open will unlikely be repeated. Also a 5 time Davis Cup winner he is a sporting icon of our generation.

As coaches we always strive to challenge our players to become better people as well as better tennis players. Whether it's nutrition, fitness, or our behaviours and attitudes we believe we can always improve. Recent events in the world have caused many of us to look at ourselves and how we unite as a human race to support and grow is of great importance now more than ever.

This month we will use Rafa's quote to help improve our service to our players but also to improve ourselves as people.

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