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❝ Quote of the Month: September 2019 ❞

New for Autumn > Winter 2019!

Each month we will focus on a quote that will inspire and motivate us during practice and competition.

A perfect quote to start the new term from a former tennis great.

So often we become obsessed with outcomes and results that we forget to simply enjoy playing our sport.

This month we challenge you to go out and hit some balls without scoring (will be tough for some of you!) or practicing what you've learnt in lessons. If you've never joined your child on court before, join in, throw them a ball, have a rally, you'll enjoy it and so will they.

Been tempted to start adult lessons but felt you were not up to standard? Book a lesson, even a cardio tennis session or touch tennis class that will get you the first step in learning a new sport.

Has your child struggled to progress as quickly as others? Stop comparing and just enjoy your watching your child run around outside (or inside) away from the TV, iPad or games console.

Is your child worried about competing in a tournament? It's natural to be anxious and nervous and worried to lose. Explain that you will be proud of them for entering regardless of the result. Reward them with a favourite meal, buy them a new racket or whatever their motivation is support and encourage them to make that first step by simply playing tennis.

Please add any comments below! :) Happy Tennising

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