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September 2019: Isla Morris-Jinks

Isla has been attending our lessons for a couple of years now. Since her very first Mini red lesson she has been a lovely girl to teach and always has a smile on her face when she is playing tennis. Also a regular at our holiday camps, Isla has been able to enjoy her tennis through creativity and teamwork challenges.

Having developed her shot technique and basic rallying skills, Isla moved up to orange ball. This often can be a tough challenge but Isla has made the transition look easy. That being said, it will take time for Isla to adapt to the challenges that the larger court and faster ball pose. Isla has shown great determination and if she continues to listen well to her coach she will progress in to a great tennis player.

Isla's next goal is to improve her rallying skills, fine tune her groundstroke technique and her build the technique on her serve as she aims to work towards green ball!

Congrats Isla!

Like all our Student's of the Month - Isla will receive an exclusive POLO SHIRT and FREE INDIVIDUAL LESSON.

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