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September 2020: Elise Alexander

Elise joined our tots lessons last year with her school friends and has returned after lockdown a year older and in the new LTA Youth Blue group. Elise always has a smile on her face when on court and has been a brilliant student this month.

Like all great tennis players she listens intently to her coach and this has enabled her to make great progress with her tennis. Elise gets on with each task quickly whether it's a solo task or a paired task.

She is developing her coordination, racket skills, receiving skills and using the new LTA blue and red sweatbands she is learning to use both sides of her body. She is comfortably hitting the ball over the net to a target when self feeding or having the coach drop the ball by her side.

Elise will continue to improve her fundamental movements, racket skills and basic shot technique as she works towards rallying with another player.

Congrats Elise!

Like all Students of the Month, Elise will receive A FREE one-to-one lesson and an EXCLUSIVE Student of the Month Polo Shirt.

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