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SotM: April 2021

Florrie has been learning tennis with us for a long time now. She first started by attending our camps as a 5 year old and is now playing regularly and is part of our 10&U LTA National League Team.

Florrie has recently moved from orange to green tennis and is adapting to the new ball and full size tennis court. Her determination to improve and fight for every point has been really great to see. Florrie has been improving her groundstrokes and rallying and is beginning to learn the tactics of winning points in tennis.

Florrie is playing tennis at any opportunity she gets and her family have been making the most of the Prestbury Tennis Club membership to help her practice. Florrie will continue to make progress the more she practices and competition will help her gain valuable experience to learn from other players.

Congrats Florrie!

All award winners receive a FREE Private lesson & an exclusive polo shirt.

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Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith
2021년 5월 03일

Congratulations and keep up the good work, and have fun!

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