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Autumn > Winter 2021

Bookings are now open for our Autumn > Winter Season starting on Monday 6th September.

The majority of the schedule is the same as we had in the Spring > Summer Season earlier this year. However, due to some clashes with coaching schedules we have had to remove the Friday afternoon at Prestbury. Do not fear! Coach Chris will be running a brand new Super Sunday morning at Cleeve Sports Centre!

I would like to take this time as well to thank Coach Alice and wish her all the best with her new role. I know she will be missed by many of our players.

See the full schedule release video below. Book Online Here

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Hi Tom, the video says there will be an orange session on a Tuesday, however I cannot see this when booking…could you advise? Thank you :-)

Coach Tom
Coach Tom
Sep 03, 2021
Replying to

Good spot Beth! Fixed 👍

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