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Earn Reward Points

Anyone who has ever signed up to our previous online booking system has been sent an email approximately a week ago outlining the steps needed to keep their points. You have until 24th June 2020 to do the following or they will disappear!

If you are new to the club you can also follow these steps to earn reward points when you play and spend with us.

  1. Ensure you have created an account and are logged in. (Your name should appear in the header on desktop or in the menu on a smartphone).

  2. Click here & complete the form.

  3. We will update your account with any points you had earned on our previous system within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your form.

  4. You can view your balance by going to the profile page in your members area. Click the drop down arrow by your name and select profile.

The balance will update at the start of each month with your previous month's earnings and any points you spent. You can also see how many people you have referred.

To find out more about how you earn and spend reward points please go to our FAQs page.

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