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Lockdown Update

We are deeply saddened that as of Thursday 5th November we will be unable to continue with our coaching programme as planned due to the new government restrictions in place between Thursday 5th November & Wednesday 2nd December.

We are supporting the LTA with the hope they can persuade the government to allow “tennis activity for two individuals from different households to continue”.

This would mean that we could at the very least coach on a one-to-one basis again.

What Next?

Lessons up until Thursday 5th November will continue as planned.

Scenario 1: All Coaching is Suspended

People who have paid for Pay as you go group lessons will be credited with the number of lessons they have booked up until 2nd December. These will have a 3 month expiry meaning they will be available to use in January as well.

Unlimited Memberships will be paused. If payment has already been received for November you will be issued with a refund.

All events, league fixtures and tournaments will be cancelled and refunds will be sent.

We will aim to provide Zoom sessions again like we did in the first lockdown.

Lessons would return as scheduled from 3rd December.

Scenario 2: 1-to-1 Coaching is allowed

Pay as you go bookings will be the same as Scenario 1.

Unlimited memberships will not be paused. Single & Couple members will receive 1 Private Lesson and Family members will receive an additional lesson.

All events, league fixtures and tournaments will be cancelled and refunds will be sent.

This scenario also depends on the situation at Prestbury Tennis Club and Cleeve Sports Centre (we hope they would allow us to use outdoor courts as there is access to the courts without going indoors).

Group Lessons would return from 3rd December.

If you have any questions please contact Coach Tom.

Stay safe, keep active and cross those fingers and toes that we can do 1-to-1 coaching !

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1 Comment

Emma Roper
Emma Roper
Nov 01, 2020

So are we Tom. Will Florrie’s lesson continue as normal on Tuesday? Emma

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