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❝Quote of the Month: October 2019❞

This month's quote is from NBA superstar Steph Curry. He's a six-time NBA All-star, two-time NBA MVP (in 2016 was the first to be have won it unanimously) and has won 3 NBA finals championships with the Golden State Warriors.

We like this quote for the many reasons but what stood out for us is the first line.

"Play like you're first"

This could come across as a little arrogant but Steph brings up a great point. He's telling us to be 100% confident in our abilities when we step on to court to play a point, game, set or match. We should have confidence in our game plan and how to execute it. That's what the best do right? Any doubts you have about your abilities or game plan will result in excuses and negativity and most likely losing the match.

We hope this quote will motivate you to be bold, be confident as well as aiming to work as hard as you can. Work harder than any other player in your lessons this month. See where it gets you.

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