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Your racket is only as good as the string inside it.

Book a Restring in 3 easy steps
1. Using the widget below select a drop-off location and time. 
2. Pay for the Restring and complete the booking form. 
3. Drop the racket off at the location within the timeframe you selected.


Tension is referring to how tightly the strings are strung in the racket. Each racket will have a recommended range for the string tension. The tighter the string the more control and less tension provides more power. 


Gauge is the thickness of the string. The thicker the string (>1.35mm) the more durable and comfortable it is. The thinner string (<115mm) provides more spin and power. 


Synthetic Gut
Provides an all-around experience. 


Natural Gut

It remains playable at higher string tensions and is the best pick for those with joint and tennis elbow injuries. 


It's softer on your arm but for the bigger hitters, it's not the most durable. 



Recommended for experienced players who want maximum control, spin and durability.  

Annual Racket Restring Pass

4 restrings per year

  • Annual Restring Pass

    Every year

Book a Restring

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