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SotM: December 2022

AJay has been attending our lessons for several years now. In 2022 he made the transition from green to yellow ball and he did it with ease. This is a great achievement as the change in the ball can be difficult, to begin with.

Last month AJay picked up the Player of the Season award after his dedication and intent to improve. He is the only boy in some of his group lessons but interacts well with the girls and does his best to avoid their distractions. His tennis improved greatly and before the festive break, he set goals to improve his footwork and agility to help him move around the court better.

Congrats... AJay

All winners of the Student of the Month award receive a Private lesson and an exclusive polo shirt.

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1 comentário

Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith
13 de jan. de 2023

Well done AJay! Good luck in 2023!

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