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SotM: February 2021

This month's student has got to be one of our youngest to ever receive this award and it is thoroughly deserved. At only 4 years old, Aaron O'hara is this months Student of the Month.

Aaron is the reason I coach tennis. His enthusiasm and excitement for tennis is present every lesson and he raises my energy as soon as he steps on court. Aaron always has a story to tell but is able to listen and this will help him get better as he gets older.

Aaron has been having 30 minute one-to-one lessons this month to keep him outside and active during lockdown. During half-term week he had 3 lesson in 3 days and smashed them all! Being so young Aaron is working on the basics. Working on his movement, running, hopping and jumping around the court. He's already hitting the ball well on both forehands and backhands including coming to the net and volleying.

Our next steps for Aaron will be to keep him excited and for him to practice his movement and receiving skills. When a young child starts producing tennis that is above what is expected of their age, it's easy to get carried away. It's always important there is a challenge for him but we must remember he is only 4!

Congrats Aaron!

All award winners receive a FREE Private lesson & an exclusive polo shirt.

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Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith

Well done aaron. Hope to see you blazing a trail in the future!

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