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SotM: January 2024

Artur joined our group lessons last autumn at Prestbury. Immediately he showed good hand-to-eye-coordination, being able to hit the ball comfortably. This month, his lessons have focused on rallying and groundstrokes. With it being Winter we have moved the lessons indoors and he has been able to take full advantage of the wall and improve his rallying. Artur struggled with the backhand when he first started but has worked hard to use the correct grip and this has helped him greatly.

Artur has a great work ethic and is very polite. He will continue to work on his rallying as well ls look at the serve and return in the coming weeks.

Congrats Artur!

All Student of the Month award winners receive an exclusive polo shirt.

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Thank you ☺️ Artur is very Happy 💪💥

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