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SotM: June 2023

Joseph has recently joined our 8&U academy training sessions after doing well at his afterschool lessons. Joseph immediately had great hand-to-eye coordination and was able to have good racket control. He listened well and improved a lot.

Since moving to the academy his rallying has improved greatly. He was thrown into the deep end quickly when he was selected to compete in the county 8&U team competition but did very well against more experienced players and learned a lot from the matches he played.

Joseph will continue to work on his serve and backhand as he looks to make the quick switch to the orange ball in September.

Congrats Joseph!

All Student of the Month award winners receive an exclusive polo shirt.

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1 Comment

Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith
Jul 18, 2023

Well done Joseph. Good luck when moving into orange ball. You will soon get used to it!

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